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The Middle Yellowstone Valley from Livingston to Gardiner, Montana: A Microcosm of Northern Rocky Mountain Geology part of MT Field Guides
The middle Yellowstone valley, between the Great Plains at Livingston and the edge of the Yellowstone volcanic plateau near Gardiner, is a complex palimpsest of lithology, structure, and surficial processes. It shares basement rocks with the continental interior, largely to the north and east; Paleozoic lithologies with the western interior, compressive tectonics with the Fold and Thrust Belt to the west; extension with the Basin and Range to the west and south; and Cenozoic volcanism and elements of its geomorphic evolution with much of the surrounding region. The geological exploration of this region serves as a microcosm of the evolution of the geological understanding of the American West.

Topics: Hydrology, Resources, Fossils, Environmental Geology, Hazards, Surficial geology, Sedimentary rocks, Igneous rocks, Structures, Metamorphic rocks
Geographic Location: Yellowstone National Park, Southwest Montana
Geologic Province: Central Rocky Mountains Foreland Province

Hydrologic Aspects of Metal Mine Impacts on Upper Clark Fork Superfund Sites, Butte - Warm Springs, MT part of MT Field Guides
This road log concentrates on environmental impacts of historic mining activities in the Butte Mining District, particularly with regard to water quality. The trip decribes the general geology between Bozeman and Butte and provides a detailed overview of the geology, hydrogeology, mineralization, and mining history in the Butte district. Specific topics included in this field guide are: water quality changes in underground mines and the Berkeley Pit, impacts and remediation of mine tailings and processing plants (mills, smelters, and reduction plants), and groundwater contamination and remediation. Detailed information from geotechnical and hydrogeological studies related to these topics is included.

Topics: Hydrology, Environmental Geology
Geographic Location: Southwest Montana
Geologic Province: Rocky Mountain Fold-Thrust Belt