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Internet Resources

We have compiled a collection of internet resources that can be useful in teaching particular aspects of numeracy. If you know of resources you would like us to add to the collection, just use the simple submission form to tell us about them.


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Fermi Questions Guide

Provides advice on rounding in estimation problems through various Fermi questions with detailed solutions.

Some Fermi Questions

Provides a list of Fermi questions with relevant information to solve the problems but no answers.

Exponential Growth

Enter population birth rate, and watch fish population grow. A graph is included on a different tab. Also includes two example experiments.

Exponential Growth

This applet lets you change both the initial population and growth rate. The user sees how the graph changes as these two particular variables change.

Exponential Growth

This site shows how quickly things grow exponentially.

Exponential Growth and Decay: Quiz

This site provides five questions with solutions (not worked out solutions).

Scientific Notation: Linear vs. Exponential

An interactive lab (scroll down to the bottom of the site to find it), in which students watch bacteria grow, take their own data, and answer follow-up lab questions.

Investigating Exponential Growth

This site provides an in-class or out of class activity relating to exponential growth. Some links are missing.

World Population

This site provides past and present world populations using mathematical calculations.