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We have compiled a collection of internet resources that can be useful in teaching particular aspects of numeracy. If you know of resources you would like us to add to the collection, just use the simple submission form to tell us about them.


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Size and Scale - Unit Conversion Activity

This activity makes students think about unit conversions in a way that is more theoretical than the average calculating exercise, as it has no word problems. Takes each problem in a series of ...

Global Warming - Math Conversion Review Problems

Quiz (with answers) illustrating mathematical concepts using global warming-related word problems.

Measurement Conversion: Converting Distances Lesson

Distance Conversion lesson plan with quiz (and solutions). Free membership is required for access; signing up takes about 2 minutes.

Unit Conversion

Unit conversion exercises that relate to length, area, volume, mass, and/or time. Problems do not require calculator. (Although there are higher levels that may require a calculator.)

Unit Conversion Project

Two animations illustrating unit conversion. Includes descriptions and optional calculations.

Timed Unit Conversion Practice

Students can time themselves on unit conversion and get a summary sheet of their results.

Calculation Review and Unit Conversion

Worksheet that can be printed out for the class. Includes questions about significant figures, scientific notation, and unit conversion.

Metric System Unit System of Measurement

Good selection of word problems and explanations, but very wordy.

Unit Conversion Tools

This is a site for students to quickly check their answers or get answers to harder unit conversion problems.

Unit Conversion Calculator with Values

A unit conversion calculator that also provides students with the values needed to convert between English and Metric units. Teachers should ensure that students also know how to convert in the ...

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