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Flood Frequency and Risk Assessment part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
Carol Ormand, Carleton College
Students calculate recurrence intervals for various degrees of flooding based on historical data. Students then do a risk assessment for the surrounding community.

Discharge and Sediment Transport in the Field part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
Jeff Clark, Lawrence University
In this quantitative field activity, students collect field data on channel geometry, flow velocity, and bed materials. Using these data, they apply flow resistance equations and sediment transport relations to estimate the bankfull discharge and to determine if the flow is sufficient to mobilize the bed.

A Case Study: Geology, Remediation, Investigation at a RR Repair Shop Brownfield Site, St. Paul, Minnesota part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Teaching Materials Collection
Kate Kleiter
A case-study approach can be used to introduce students to the work that geologists do as environmental consultants. Data used by environmental consultants for a Brownfield site that is currently undergoing ...

Spreadsheets and the Hydrological Cycle part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
Seth Edward Rose
Devise and implement a spreadsheet solution for a basin hydrological cycle.

Floods on the Minnesota River - Planning for St. Peter part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
James Welsh, Gustavus Adolphus College
In this lab, students make a flood hazard map for the city of St. Peter, MN.

Effective Discharge in Fluvial Geomorphology part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
Richard Laurence Orndorff, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Department of Geoscience Related Links Floods and Flooding Recurrence Intervals Probability
Use Statistically and empirically based solution techniques to calculate the effective discharge of a stream.,/p>