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Illinois State University

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The Four-Winged Dinosaur part of Cutting Edge:Early Career:Previous Workshops:Workshop 2010:Teaching Activities
This is assignment is completed in two parts: It begins in class with a showing of the Nova documentary "The Four-Winged Dinosaur." It continues as a homework assignment in which students write a short essay (1 pg) describing which origin of flight hypothesis they believe is the most plausible. This assignment is useful for non-science majors in an introductory class because it gives them the opportunity to understand how new discoveries are made and how hypotheses are tested.

Magmatic Differentiation part of Cutting Edge:Petrology:Teaching Examples
This activity is designed to faciliate student learning of magmatic differentiation processes. In groups students design a model for demonstrating one of these processes and present their model to the class, along with an explaination of how the process works.

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