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The United States of Inequality: A QR Writing Activity part of Carleton College Learning and Teaching Center:Writing Across the Curriculum with Numbers:Assignments
In this project, students will be asked to read a series of articles containing information, data and graphics, on income inequality in the United States. Students will be asked to analyze the various explanations offered for the growing gap between the rich and poor and then write a short paper summarizing their findings, and offering their own take on this issue (including implications for public policy).

Age Dependency Ratios: Numbers in Context part of National Numeracy Network:Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
Unreviewed Activity submitted in preparation for the NNN Writing with Numbers Workshop In this writing assignment students are introduced to the concept of age dependency ratios. Students will first compute these ratios for the United States and interpret them by using them in informative sentences. Using future population estimates, students can recompute these ratios and reflect on possible consequences of the aging of the American population. The same ratios are computed for Ireland and for a Third World country providing relative context for the US numbers.

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Eric Gaze, Bowdoin College part of National Numeracy Network:Speaker Biographies Eric Gaze directs the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) program at Bowdoin College, he is a past chair of SIGMAA-QL (2010-12), a board member of the NNN (2010-13), and NNN Vice-President (2012-13). He ...

Planck's Constant: Motion and Rest part of National Numeracy Network:NNN Columns
Dr. Eric Gaze Director of the QR Program Bowdoin College Numb:Planck's constant is given by h = 6.55 x 10-27erg • sec. Number:The energy of electromagnetic radiation is proportional to the frequency with ...

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