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Metastability during metamorphism (reading a metamorphic petrology paper from the literature) part of Cutting Edge:Petrology:Teaching Examples
I use this problem set as a way to introduce students (mostly sophomores) to reading a technical article from the literature. The paper is Austrheim, H, 1987, Eclogitization of lower crustal granulites by fluid migration through shear zones, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 81:221-232. The paper describes Grenville-age mafic and anorthositic granulites in Norway re-metamorphosed under eclogite facies conditions during the Caledonian.

An Isograd and Mixed-Volatile Exercise Using Data from the Ubehebe Peak Contact Aureole part of Cutting Edge:Petrology:Teaching Examples
This is a problem set for an introductory or advanced petrology course. It uses field data to help teach the determination and balancing of mixed-volatile reactions and locating isograds in siliceous dolomites in a contact aureole. Concepts explored in the problem set can be used to establish a framework for later discussions of T-X(CO2) diagrams, fluids in contact aureoles, and thermal gradients in the crust.

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Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry Workshop Participants 2011: Leader