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University of Texas at Austin, The

Suzanne A. Pierce, Assistant Professor of Research with the Environmental Sciences Institute and the Digital Media Collaboratory at The University of Texas at Austin.Dr. Pierce adopts a scholar-practitioner approach to integrate science-based information with human organizational systems for application to groundwater management and energy-water problems.  Resultant decision support systems link participatory modeling with simulation, optimization, and multi-stakeholder concerns.


Her research has garnered recognition from local to international levels, including selection as a Fulbright Nexus Scholar, ICE WaRM Liaison to the Australian Centre for National Groundwater Research and Training, and as a Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellow of the Environmental Protection Agency. Current projects include development of hydroinformatics for sustainable aquifer yield in Central Texas and South Australia, along with evaluating perceptions of science at a geothermal basin in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Climate as Constraint part of Cutting Edge:Climate Change:Activities
This classroom assignment and discussion guide presents the relationship between groundwater availability, use, and climate conditions. Students are asked to consider the possible implications of regional climate conditions on a simplified groundwater problem. Assignment questions and class discussion explore the influences of climate and possible policy responses for managing groundwater resources. Datasets are based the real-world case that forms the basis for groundwater law in the state of Texas.

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