Margaret Mayer


Dine College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Geologic and Navajo Time Line part of Cutting Edge:Rates and Time:Teaching Activities
Students develop a time line using registrar tape and correlating marking off divisions of geologic eras. Above this they develop a Navajo time line of creation. Each week they focusing on the topic (era/period) of the week adding major events in a creative manner such as drawings and marking subcategories of time.


Background in Historical Geology part of Workshop 2012:Essays
Margaret Mayer, Science Department, Dine College I have taught Physical Geology here at Dine college for 6 years and with the help of Dr. Semken ASU have gotten Historical Geology back on the curriculum and have ...

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Student Motivation and the Affective Domain

Climate and Energy Webinar Participants April, 2011

Teaching About Time Workshop 2012