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VEPP: Is the Past the Key to the Future? part of NAGT:Teaching Resources:Volcano Exploration Project: Pu`u `O`o:Examples
This is an exercise that is in development and has not yet been fully tested in the classroom. Please check back regularly for updates and changes. Brief three-line description of the activity or assignment and its strengths: Geophysical measurements made during catastrophic changes in the Puu Oo system in June and July, 2007 are compared to observations of the eruptive phenomena, both to explore for premonitory signals and to understand the mechanical reasons for the changes. These observations and interpretations are then used for a semester-long real-time monitoring exercise. The exercise is performed in the jigsaw style: experts in tilt, gps geodesy, seismology, and geology participate in interdisciplinary teams. Full length description: The objective of the exercise is for the students to make informed interpretations of real time geophysical data in an erupting system. In order to become informed, students will first evaluate geophysical measurements leading up to several large changes in the Puu Oo system in June and July, 2007, using archived data in the VEPP system. They will then monitor the volcano in real time over the course of an entire semester, producing biweekly press releases updating the activity and issuing forecasts. The exercise makes use of the jigsaw design, whereby students become expert in one medium of volcano monitoring. All of the specialists in each medium will confer, followed by the construction of 4-person interdisciplinary teams. After the retrospective on the 2007 data, most of the work will be accomplished in the interdisciplinary teams (as opposed to the specialist groups). The specialists are assigned to become expert in: 1. Seismicity 2. GPS geodesy 3. Tilt 4. Geology (visual observations); this person will also serve as the Press Officer Class Outline (Microsoft Word 29kB Jul30 10)

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