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Systems Geobiology Powers of 10 part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Teaching Activities
Systems Geobiology is the study of complex interactions arising from the interplay of biological, geological, physical, chemical and even social systems across multiple spatial (microns to thousands of kilometers) and temporal (nanoseconds to eons) scales. Systems Geobiology is distinct from Systems Biology and Biocomplexity in that these complex interactions are linked geological processes such a sediment deposition and mineral precipitation, thus allowing modern complex systems to be reconstructed from the ancient rock record. Therefore, Systems Geobiology requires: (1) Tracking and prediction of organismal response to, and control of, environmental change utilizing the geological record. (2) Analysis of suites of fundamental physical, chemical and biological components within their geological and environmental context. (3) Linkage of biological processes with geological processes (i.e. sediment deposition, mineral precipitation, fluid hydrodynamics, etc.). (4) Integration across broad scales of time (nanoseconds to eons) and space (nanometers to light years). This exercise allows students to systematically evaluate the spatial and temporal Powers of 10" scales across which it is necessary to conduct Systems Geobiology analyses.

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Systems Geobiology: CaCO3-Water-Microbe Feedback Interactions in Hot Springs and Coral Reef Ecosystems part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Workshop 2010:Participant Essays
Bruce W. Fouke, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Department of Geology, Department of Microbiology, and Institute for Genomic Biology Systems Geobiology Overview A fundamental shift is underway in the ...

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