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Engagement Is My Key to Student Success part of SAGE 2YC:Supporting Student Success:Supporting Student Success in Geoscience at Two-year Colleges:Essays
Like many two-year colleges, my students form a diverse population. I have students from just out of high school to those nearer to retirement. Approximately a third of my students are the first generation in their family to attend college. A slim majority of my students are white, many are Latinos, a few are of Asian or African descent. The majority of my students work at least part-time; however, some work full-time. Many are parents. As a result, their educational experience is often quite challenging to them; and therefore, I must give them the greatest possible opportunity to learn in the classroom and to have a diverse approach to teaching each class.

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Geol 1403 - Physical Geologyat Lone Star College - Tomball part of Math You Need:Implementations
Implementor(s): Kristie Bradford Enrollment: 30 max per class Anticipated Start Date: August 27, 2012 (Semester) Challenges to using math in introductory geoscience Lone Star College - Tomball is a community ...

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