Peter Brandon

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Statistical Tools for Quantitative Reasoning part of QuIRK:Courses
This course introduces students to advanced statistical models for detecting and quantifying social relationships and to strategies for arguing that discovered statistical relationships reflect broader social realities. Students will learn how to generate findings from scientific household surveys and then use those findings to create persuasive narratives and attention-getting posters. The first half of the course focuses on writing about findings generated from multiple regression models for continuous response variables. The course's second half concentrates on writing about findings produced from nonlinear regression models for binary response variables.

Other Contribution

Explorations in Social Data Analysis part of QuIRK:Courses
This course will provide sociology/anthropology majors with basic data management skills and statistical techniques for exploring and analyzing social data. Central topics covered include: defining social data; the relevance of social data for understanding social forces, structures and phenomena; graphical techniques for visualizing social data; and statistical tools for describing and summarizing social data and for making inferences about the social world.