Matthew Rohn

Art & Art History; Environmental Studies

St. Olaf

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Green Museum: Students Investigate Everyday Stuff & Its Environmental Impact part of Sustainability Workshop:Activities
This activity has 2 major components that can be done separately. 1)Students were asked to keep their eyes open throughout the semester for common items (a light bulb, an advertisement, a styrafoam cup, etc.) and contribute one such item every 4 weeks to our show-and-tell box of things that provoked people to think about everyday life and environmental issues. We spent a class session discussing some of that 4-weeks findings. 2) At a given point, students had to chose one of the items submitted or propose an item of their own to exhibit publicly at the end of the semester along with a "label" (which was a 1-page abstract) related to a 10-page research paper into important environmental lessons the person's object taught. One, for example, displayed a can containing some USDA organic food item, which the individual had used to research how "organic" has been defined and relates to public policy, special interests, politics, etc. Another showed a roll of toilette paper and had researched the environmental impact of how it is made and comparative usage of toilette paper by Americans versus people in other countries with information about why differences in usage exist from a cultural perspective.

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