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Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Ray Paths part of Cutting Edge:Geophysics:Workshop 07:Geophysics Activities
Students work in groups to "walk" through the ray paths of the direct wave, ground roll, reflected wave, and refracted wave. This exercise gives them a visual image of the ray paths as well as the ability to process distance versus time data.

Free-Air Gravity part of Cutting Edge:Geophysics:Workshop 07:Geophysics Activities
Students use gravity measurements to estimate the height to the top of a platform in the Howe-Russell Attrium. This assignment is used to show the precision of gravity measurements and the Free-Air correction


Exploration and Environmental Geophysics part of Cutting Edge:Course Design:Goals Database
In the absence of drilling, geophysical exploration methods are the principal means of examining the shallow subsurface. These techniques are non-invasive and relatively inexpensive. The objective of this course is to teach how geophysical properties such as seismic velocity, gravity, resistivity, and attenuation can be used to characterize the subsurface. Emphasis will be on the contrast in physical properties required by each technique and the combination of varied geophysical data (e.g., seismic and electrical methods).