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Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

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American Politics Group Data Projects part of QuIRK:Curricular Materials:Quantitative Writing:Examples
Using data from the University of Michigan's National Election Study, students work in groups of 4-5 to develop 20-30 minute Powerpoint presentations that explore variations in social issue opinions, economic issue opinions, presidential candidate preference, and media use habits. Suggested independent variables include respondents' demographic characteristics and foundational orientations such as party identification, ideology and religiosity. Two additional groups will employ data analysis as political consultants, one group providing strategic advice to the Democratic party and another to the Republican party regarding the forthcoming 2010 and 2012 elections. A final exam essay question will require students to analyze the data analysis reports.

Analyzing Data on American Political Divisions part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
Students conduct data analysis about American political divisions and create two papers from this data analysis. Students are assigned to group projects involving data analysis from assigned chapters in MICROCASE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, a textbook that includes access to a variety of datasets. Their first papers are due on the date of their analysis group reports, which involve class presentations with PowerPoint. These papers are 5-7 pages in length. Their second papers, incorporating a discussion of related literature from class readings and a revised and expanded data analysis of their analysis group project, are due on the last day of class and are 8-10 pages in length.