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Investigating Matter, Solid or Liquid: Barthlomew and the Oobleck part of MnSTEP Teaching Activity Collection:MnSTEP Activity Mini-collection
Background information: This activity is an extension of the children's exposure to states of matter in the Scott Foresman science series for Grade 2. This lesson has a Literacy component. Using the book by Dr. Seuss, "Bartholomew and the Oobleck," the students will be using observing, and communicating during our reading activities. The students will be using Oobleck to observe the characteristics of solids and liquids. Previously they have had opportunity to experiment with liquids and solids to see which sink and which float. They have an understanding of the definitions of liquids and of solids. This current lesson allows for experimenting with a non-Newtonian fluid, (Oobleck). The students will make their own predictions, conclusions on whether Oobleck is a solid or liquid by using focus observations, conducting focus explorations, raise questions, clarify questions and make conclusions about Oobleck.