Dr. Paul Ryberg

AGES (Anthropology,Geography,Earth Science)

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

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Save Crooked Creek! Remediation of a Service Station Site with a Leaking UST part of Cutting Edge:Hydrogeology:Activities
The student group (3 to 4 persons) is given information regarding a leaking UST at a gasoline station in western Pennsylvania; a page detailing the history of the problem and a small sketch map if the site. They must then (over a 3 week period) research the geology/hydrogeology of the site, produce maps and cross-sections, and complete a detailed report, budget and timetable which summarize their remediation plans. Group members also give a 20 to 30 minute summary presentation to the rest of the class

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Sedimentary Petrology Field Trip to Gravel Quarry near Rotterdam Junction, NY part of Cutting Edge:Geoscience in the Field:Activities
Sedimentary Petrology: one field trip involves visiting an exceptional glacial outwash gravel quarry, where students measure, identify and count clast types, measure cross-bedding directions, and examine the early stages of lithification of gravel to conglomerate. The gravel deposits are also representative of the local surficial aquifer material that lies nearby in the subsurface

GIS-RS Final Hydrogeology Project for an Undergraduate Applied GIS Course part of Cutting Edge:GIS and Remote Sensing:Activities2
Paul Ryberg, Clarion University of PA Summary This project is used instead of a final exam in an upper level undergraduate course in Applied GIS. A student may propose their own project, or choose one from a list ...

GIS-RS Final Stratigraphy Project for an Undergraduate Applied GIS Course part of Cutting Edge:GIS and Remote Sensing:Activities2
Paul Ryberg, Clarion University of PA Summary Students will construct a working, query-able database, use appropriate imagery, and use it to analyze a problem, understand cause and effect, and show changes with ...

Melting Glaciers, Gravels and Groundwater part of Cutting Edge:Hydrogeology:Activities
A spectacular gravel quarry five miles west of Schenectady New York along the Mohawk River is an ideal place to discuss deglaciation history and the development of the ancestral Mohawk Delta building into former Lake Albany, as well as the sedimentary petrology of the outwash gravels. The 3-D exposures of partially-cemented, cross-bedded gravels are representative of the surficial unconfined aquifer system which provides groundwater to many communities in the Schenectady area.


Hydrogeology part of Cutting Edge:GIS and Remote Sensing:Courses
Hydrogeology is intended for upper level undergraduates who have already completed a physical geology class with lab. The course provides a broad overview of surface and subsurface water, and the relationships to surficial and bedrock geology. This is a field-oriented class, with most labs conducted outdoors or at specific tour sites

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