Erin Peters

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Science Education and Educational Psychology
George Mason University

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Metacognitive Prompting Intervention - Science part of Cutting Edge:Metacognition:Activities
The model is build on the ideas that students who observe a model, try the thinking task on their own with support, then try another similar thinking task with fading support, will develop self-regulation of the thinking task and be able to compare their outcomes with the expectations of the scientific community.

GO Inquire System part of Cutting Edge:Metacognition:Activities
GO Inquire is an online tool used to develop knowledge and skills of 4th grade science students in the concepts of erosion, transportation and deposition.


Erin Peters part of Cutting Edge:Metacognition:Workshop 08:Participant Essays
Using Self-Regulation to Develop Metacognition of the Scientific Enterprise Erin E. Peters, Science Education and Educational Psychology, George Mason University In studying science, many elementary and secondary ...

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The Role of Metacognition in Teaching Geoscience Participants