David Goodwin

Department of Geosciences

Denison University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Vertebrate Taphonomy part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
This field exercise investigates taphonomic processes operating on a large terrestrial vertebrate carcass (whitetail deer: Odocoileus virginianus) in a temperate humid, terrestrial environment.


Biodiversity Through Time part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Courses
Biodiversity Through Time is introduction to the study of fossil invertebrates with emphasis on preservation, taphonomy, diversity trajectories through geologic time, evolutionary mechanisms, extinction, paleobiology and paleoecology. Special emphasis is placed on using fossils to interpret ancient depositional environments. Labs introduce the student to the major invertebrate phyla commonly preserved in the geologic rock record.

Events and Communities

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