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Environmental Studies and Sciences

Ithaca College

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Visualizing Sun Position of the Seasons part of Cutting Edge:Visualization:Examples
The goal of the exercise is to help students visualize and better understand how the sun changes apparent position over the course of the seasons.

The Lifestyle Project at the University of Redlands part of Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience:Experience-Based Environmental Projects
This three-week project begins with a measurement of "baseline" consumptive behavior followed by two weeks of working to reduce the use of water, energy, high-impact foods, and other materials. The ...

Climate Model Learning Module part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Climate Change:Activities
The students will use one of the on-line climate models where they can explore the effects and sensitivity of different variables.

Course (1)

Energy and the Environment part of Cutting Edge:Energy:Energy Courses
This course is designed to help students understand the earth energy system and the potential impact of human activity. Students are asked to gather and analyze data regarding energy generation, efficiency, and ...

Essays (2)

A Summary of Career Preparation for Ithaca College Environmental Students part of Integrate:Workshops:Geoscience and the 21st Century Workforce:Essays
Chris Sinton, Ithaca College The Environmental Studies and Sciences (ENVS) department at Ithaca College is housed within the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College. The department offers a BA in ...

The Environmental Studies and Sciences Department at Ithaca College part of Integrate:Workshops:Programs that Bring Together Geoscience and Sustainability:Essays
Chris Sinton, Environmental Studies and Science, Ithaca College The Department of Environmental Studies and Science (ENVS) at Ithaca College was created as a stand-alone program in September 2009 with the goal of ...