Trileigh Tucker

Environmental Studies

Seattle University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Unraveling Geological History: Glaciers and Faults at Discovery Park, Seattle part of Process of Science:Examples
This is the last lab and field exercise in Introduction to Geology. At this point in the term, students are already familiar with the characteristics and typical sequence of Seattle's glacial layers; they have also studied faulting and know that the Puget Sound area has major faults and a history of earthquakes. The goal of this field exercise is that students use their understanding of these subjects, along with careful field observations, to collaboratively deduce the complex history of a series of bluffs exposed along the Seattle shoreline. A lab handout is provided.


Introduction to Geology part of Process of Science:Courses
In Intro to Geology, students discover how to read and interpret landscapes and the geological products that they comprise. Topics explored include minerals, igneous processes, weathering, landslides, streams, glaciers, folding and faulting, earthquakes, and plate tectonics. Students learn geological inquiry through iterating the process of: observing on field trips or through classroom images, hypothesizing, discussing observations and ideas with classmates, revising ideas as appropriate, writing about their discussions, and interacting with me about their ideas and insights. They also engage in contemplative practice in class and as a term project option.

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