Lucille Tamm

General Studies

Sanford Brown College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Conservation of angular momentum...see it, feel it, a simple, seat of the pants demonstration part of Process of Science:Examples
In this group demonstration/experience students feel how angular momentum is generated, learn what angular momentum is, and see how it is conserved when there are changes in the mass distribution. Each student (and the instructor) sit in a chair that spins easily. Another student spins the chair. Each student has the opportunity to observe several other students, and the teacher spin and to be the spinner themselves. As this is going on, the teacher asks for observations and predictions about what is happening, drawing attention to the varying rates of spin and what has contributed to them, such as position of the arms and legs. The demonstration is repeated several times by different experimenters.


Survey of Science part of Process of Science:Courses
This course uses the vast field of science to illustrate the scientific method. It begins with the scientific method, the basic laws of motion and thermodynamics. We then move on to how these concepts apply to chemistry, astronomy, Earth sciences, biology, and other field as the class interests dictate.

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