Kenneth Abrams


Carleton College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Examining Prosocial Behavior Quantitatively: An Activity for Introductory Psychology Students part of Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
In the classes building to the assignment, students in groups of three will read and discuss studies on factors that influence helping behavior (such as similarity, attractiveness, and perceived responsibility of the person in need). Next, groups will design an experimental study that examines a particular factor (or two) of interest on helping behavior. Examples of possible study questions include the following: 1) Are responses to email requests to complete an online scientific study influenced by the apparent race of the requester (manipulated by altering the name)? 2) Are responses to a request for directions influenced by the clothing of the requester (expensive vs. raggedy)? After receiving approval from the instructor for the study design, students will collect quantitative data over a two or three week period and later analyze it using SPSS. Finally, students will submit a multi-page research report detailing and interpreting their findings.

Other Contribution

Psyc 200: Measurement and Data Analysis in Psychology part of QuIRK:Courses
This course is concerned with the role of measurement and data analysis in psychology. Students will gain proficiency in designing experiments; collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data; and constructing an APA-style manuscript to communicate results.

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