Timothy Heaton

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Earth Sciences
University of South Dakota

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Courses (2)

The Evolution/Creation Debate part of Cutting Edge:Online Teaching:Online Courses
In this course students are exposed to the modern scientific theories of the earth and life and to the diverse brands of Christian creationism and how they measure up to scientific analysis. Students explore these topics through readings, lectures, discussions, and essays.

The Energy Crisis (ESCI/PHYS 385) part of Cutting Edge:Energy:Energy Courses
Broad survey of energy fundamentals, renewable and nonrenewable energy options, environmental impacts, and politics. In addition to lectures there are many demonstrations, students must bring energy-related current events to class for discussion, each student must write a term paper related to energy, and there are several class field trips.

Events and Communities

Climate Complexity Workshop 2012

Teaching Paleontology Workshop 2009 Participants

Energy Workshop 2009 Participants

2010 Workshop: Teaching Geoscience Online Participants

Climate and Energy Webinar Participants Nov, 2010

Climate and Energy Book Club Participants Feb, 2011

Climate and Energy Webinar Participants Feb 18, 2011