Bret Bennington

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Hofstra University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (3)

Relative Geologic Time and the Geologic Time Scale part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
Group simulation of the development of the geologic time scale illustrating concepts of correlation and relative time. Extremely effective for teaching the significance of the geologic time scale.

Measuring Dinosaur Speed from Trackways part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
This activity demonstrates how measurements taken from fossil trackways can be used to estimate the speed at which extinct animals were moving when they made the trackways, providing students the opportunity to collect and analyze quantitative data.

Biostratigraphic and Lithostratigraphic Correlation of Sedimentary Strata in the Atlantic Coastal Plain part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
In this laboratory exercise students work in groups to create a fence diagram cross section of the Atlantic Coastal Plain by correlating a sequence of well logs recorded along a NWSE transect through coastal North Carolina.


Geology 137 Invertebrate Paleontology part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Courses
Course is an introductory survey of Paleontology for undergraduate geology majors. Although the title is Invertebrate Paleontology, I tend to expand the coverage of the course to include some material on vertebrates, plants, and microfossils.

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