Dave Blackburn

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

The Candle Icebreaker part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
Students examine a candle (un-lit and then lit) to list chemical & physical properties, and think about how those properties relate to molecular level events & properties. Optionally, students may be asked to explore how the candle can relate to upcoming topics in the course. They then share in small groups and then in class.

Limiting Reactants: Industrial Case Study part of Pedagogies of Engagement: Resource Collections:Cooperative Learning:Examples
Students are assigned as "consultants" to evaluate competing manufacturing processes based on reactant ratios, percent yield, and refining/waste disposal costs. Three competing models are proposed. Directions are open-ended.

Other Contribution

Acids and Bases part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
This acid and bases activity will follow the introductory lecture (20 min) on acids and bases and the relation to pH. Students will then be broken into small groups of 6 and given a list of five solutions to rank in order of most acidic to most basic. The instructor will be available to direct students as needed. Students will then present their ranking either on the board or using an audience response system.