Barb Fritz

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Linking Cellular Respiration To Mitochondrial Disease: location of each step: reactants and products: role of enzymes: disease connection. part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
The process of cellular respiration is often very difficult for students to understand or find relevant. This lesson contains several POGIL activities that help students progress toward a greater understanding of Cellular respiration. They will relate the process of cellular respiration to enzyme activity by examining the action of dehydrogenase enzyme. It begins with a simple comparison of an electron micrograph and a drawing allowing students to identify the location of the steps of Cellular Respiration. Students will also observe models that will guide them toward being able to: identify the reactants and products for each of the major steps in Cellular Respiration, explain the process of oxidation/reduction relating to the release of energy that will be stored in ATP, compare energy input to energy output, explain the general role of enzymes in this metabolic process.