Wesley Boberg

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (3)

Video Presentation Sessions part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
Provide opportunities to experience historic and/or current scientific information through audio/visual media. Further, these sessions allow students to express and discuss their understanding of the science content and its relevance prior to writing a summary.

Written Assignment Sessions part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
Provide students an opportunity to read scientific literature, express understanding of scientific content and write a summary of the written work.

Laboratory Preview and Preparation Sessions part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
Prior to attending each lab, students are required to answer several questions, related to the lab, using an online class management system. These questions focus on content of the lab material and process skills used in the lab activity. Once the quiz is completed, the results are shared with the whole class and the activity is discussed. Student then proceed to complete the lab activity and all subsequent evaluations.

Other Contribution

Get your "lecture freak on" using JiTT part of MnSCU Partnership:PKAL-MnSCU Activities
This JiTT activity will allow instructors to engage students prior to lecture by utilizing discussion boards in a course management system. This will be accomplished by asking questions of students and having students ask their own questions related to the specific content. During lecture, the instructor will use answers to the questions as a spring-board to content coverage. Following lecture, students revisit questions selected by the instructor to allow assessment of student learning through use of instructional technologies.