Lisa Doner

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Environmental Science and Policy
Plymouth State University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Hurricane Tracking part of Cutting Edge:Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Activities
This is a homework assignment that focuses student attention on ongoing hurricane/tropical storm development, often during the height of hurricane season. The students are directed to a web site (I like for this) that provides storm log info, with the entire history of wind speed and pressure. They plot these variables against time and analyze the result.

Understanding flood risk at the community level part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching about Risk and Resilience:Activities
This activity creates relevance of FEMA flood maps, flood and flood damage risks, for students, using the home community of the university.

Other Contribution

Lisa Doner part of Cutting Edge:Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Workshop 08:Participant Profiles
Lisa Doner Environmental Science and Policy Plymouth State University 17 High St MS 67 Plymouth, NH 03264 603.535.3256 603.535.3180(fax) I'm a paleoclimatologist with a huge interest in active ...

Events and Communities

Climate Change 2008 Participants

Hurricane-Climate Change Connection 2008 Participants

Climate Workshop

Applying Geodesy Data Webinar - Jan. 10, 2014

Risk and Resilience Workshop 2014