Lisa Ely

Geological Sciences

Central Washington University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Hypothesis Testing through Field Investigation of Mystery Mounds part of Cutting Edge:Geomorphology:Activities
Students formulate and test a hypothesis that addresses the potential processes involved in forming or subsequently shaping an unknown geomorphic feature, in this case mima mounds or patterned ground. Students gain experience in the process of conducting an original scientific investigation.


Geomorphology part of Cutting Edge:Course Design:Goals Database
Geomorphology is the study of the earth's surface: the processes that shape the surface of the earth, as well as the forms and features created by these processes. Through lectures, labs, field trips and discussions we will investigate various geomorphic processes, such as weathering, mass movements, rivers, wind and glaciers, which are responsible for creating the enormous variety of landscape features on Earth. By understanding the processes involved, you will have the tools to begin to identify and interpret the 'hows and whys' of the landforms you see all around you.

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