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Evolution in Your "Pet" Group part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
This writing exercise asks students to use library resources to locate a peer-reviewed journal article that describes research on the evolution of their individual "pet" taxonomic group. After reading the ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
Learn more about this review process.

"It's Alive!" Fossil Activity part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Paleontology:Activities
This activity is the first lab exercise students do. Each student selects a fossil, describes and sketches it, and then must write out a "proof" that this object represents a once-living animal, rather ...

Niche Partitioning in Silurian Tabulate Corals part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Activities
In this group lab activity, students read a journal article, and then duplicate the article's measurements on a Silurian tabulate coral head. Students must evaluate their data in light of the journal ...

Course (1)

Paleontology part of Cutting Edge:Paleontology:Courses
Covers general principles of paleontology; selected key events in the history of life on Earth; major groups of fossil invertebrate animals. A weekly two-hour lab, two Saturday field trips, and an independent ...


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