Stephen Shawl

Physics and Astronomy

University of Kansas; Pima Community College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


What's Inside? An activity on experiment, hypotheses, and inference part of Process of Science:Examples
Students learn about the nature of science by experimenting with little black boxes containing a steel ball as a probe of the interior structure of the box. Students make testable hypotheses, text them and modify them, and compare with results found by other students. Further descriptions and activity sheets are attached.


Introductory Astronomy: Syllabus and Study Guides part of Process of Science:Courses
An integrated lecture-lab introductory astronomy course with topics limited primarily to the nature and evolution of stars. Also included is the changing appearance of the night sky with time and place, the nature of light, telescopes, and spectroscopy so that students will learn "how we know what we know."

Events and Communities

Process of Science Workshop 2009 Participants