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From Ocean Topography to Flexural Rigidity part of MARGINS Data in the Classroom:MARGINS Mini-Lessons
The project is designed to engage students in utilizing the ever-improving bathymetric techniques and data available in GeoMapApp to explore the strength of the oceanic lithosphere as a function of age. Because the data includes both satellite and ship track derived solutions, students have the opportunity to see the utility of each, and travel virtually the world's trenches in search of topographic features. Because not all trenches have pronounced forearc bulges, many are complicated by other topography (e.g. seamounts), and the choices of subduction boundaries are numerous, the module will give students the opportunity to explore quite independently, learning many of the pitfalls of 'real-world' science. This module is designed for upper-level undergraduates taking an Introduction to Geophysics or Quantitative Tectonic-type course.

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