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Earth Sciences

Skyline College

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Activities (4)

Predicting Weather and Understanding Weather Systems part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Activities
The assignment gives students to the opportunity to bring together everything that they have learned in 7 weeks of atmospheric processes and meteorology to try to predict weather conditions.

Exploring the Bay Area part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Activities
This assignment is a do-it-yourself field trip. Students are given the opportunity to visit a local geologic feature and learn something about the origins and evolution of that site.

Life of a river from headwaters to the sea part of Cutting Edge:Geomorphology:Activities
This is an in class activity to demonstrate to students typical features associated with streams in different topographic settings from headwaters to the mouth of the stream.

Measuring Coastal Change part of Cutting Edge:Geomorphology:Activities
Students analyze a time-series of aerial photographs of coastal areas to describe changes in beach width and depositional and erosional features over several decades.

Courses (3)

Environmental Geology part of Cutting Edge:Environmental Geology:Courses
Intro level Environmental Geology. There are no prerequisites for the course so it covers both basic geologic processes and environmental implications, natural hazards, etc.

Physical Geography part of Cutting Edge:Introductory Courses:Courses
This course is an overview of both the atmospheric and geomorphologic aspects of physical geography. The first half of the semester deals with atmospheric processes and meteorology, including climate change. The second half of the course begins with plate tectonics and interior processes and moves on to geomorphology.

Physical Geography part of Cutting Edge:Course Design:Goals Database
Introductory level physical geography course in which half of the semester is spent on geomorphology.

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