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Statistical Graphs: Aids Cases and Deaths by Year and Historical Poverty in the US part of National Numeracy Network:Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
This assignment asks students in a Quantitative Literacy foundations course to summarize data by using graphs they create in an Excel spreadsheet. Working in pairs, students are to work on part I of the assignment by completing the following: 1) create an AIDS chart from the given data, 2) determine the mean and median of the data, and 3) summarize the information by identifying statistical trends. Once each pair of students completes part I they have to complete part II by doing the following: 1) create a Poverty by Race Chart from given data, 2) determine statistical trends from the data, 3) find percent increase/decrease the data represents, and 4) determine what type of graph they could use to display percent data and explain their choice.

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