Andrew Cahoon

Colby-Sawyer College

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Luck and Randomness in Sports part of National Numeracy Network:Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
In this assignment students will investigate an outcome in sports that involves some degree of randomness and assess the role that luck has played for the particular outcomes of teams or individuals. It has been designed for beginning statistics students familiar with the basics of probability and probability distributions. Students will first choose an outcome that is of interest and submit a synopsis describing: their chosen topic, what data they will collect, and their plans to analyze the data. After receiving feedback on their synopses, students will focus on collecting and analyzing their data. As part of their analysis, students will determine a likely range of values for the particular outcome of interest to them. They will need to decide on their own standards for what is deemed "lucky" and "probable". Then they will apply those standards to the outcomes for specific teams or individuals. The assignment will culminate with a report of both their process and findings.

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