Mya Poe

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Storyboarding With Data: Using Quantitative Reading to Teach Research Writing part of National Numeracy Network:Teaching Resources:Quantitative Writing:Examples
This exercise gives participants practice in critically assessing visual representations of data and linking those explanations to drafting a research article. We begin by teaching two aspects of critically reading figures: how to assess a single figure, and how to assess a series of figures to determine coherence across a data set. We then ask participants to write their explanations in bullet point form. These explanations are categorized by the appropriate research article section in which they would appear. The combination of images and bullet point explanations becomes the "storyboard" for the research article. The research article text is then written around these categorized bullet points. Through this approach, participants learn how to logically link a series of data representations to develop reader conidence that data are complete and accurate. They also learn how to build a coherent research article around data. Finally, participants learn how to discern the accurate representation of data from potential misrepresentations.