Terry Bradfield

Northeastern State University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

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Concept Questions for the Photoelectric Effect with Interactive Simulation part of comPADRE Pedagogic Library:Interactive Lectures:Examples
These are interactive lecture-demonstration questions that probe student understanding of fundamental concepts in the photoelectric effect. One question deals with the role of the stopping potential in the experiment. The second relates to the role of wavelength and photon energy. The demonstrations connected to these questions are performed with a Java Applet simulation of the photoelectric experiment. The simulation provides a direct visualization of the process that is not available in the actual experiment.

Interactive Lecture Questions for Single Slit Diffraction part of comPADRE Pedagogic Library:Interactive Lectures:Examples
This is a set of interactive lecture demonstration questions designed to probe student understanding of single-slit diffraction. Students are asked to predict the result when the slit width or wavelength of the light change. They can be used in association with an actual demo or by using a simulation of the experiment.

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