Robert Cole

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Carbon Sequestration in Campus Trees part of Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum:General Collection:Examples
In this Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum module, students will build a spreadsheet to calculate the net carbon sequestration in a set of trees using an allometric approach based upon parameters measured on the individual trees. Students determine the species of trees in the set, measure diameter at breast height (dbh), and, from the allometric relationships determined by forestry researchers, use the spreadsheet to calculate carbon content of the tree. Students can then compare their data to that measured a year earlier on the same set of trees, to determine the rate of carbon sequestration.


Climate Solutions: A Learning Community on Climate Science and Human Adaptations part of Curriculum for the Bioregion:Courses
This program was a full-time (16 credit) learning community that focused on the scientific basis of climate change, and on a variety of strategies that societies could take to respond to climate change.

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