Anne Michelle Wood


University of Oregon

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Ocean Observing Journal part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Activities
Students access a number of sites that provide oceanographic data in real-time or near-real-time at least weekly over the course of a semester or quarter and keep a data log and a journal of changes they see in chlorophyll, SST, and upwelling related variabiles. They focus at the global scale, and in a local scale (Pacific Northwest), interpreting changes in primary production based on material being discussed in class (Spring Transition in California Current System, Indian Ocean Monsoon, Spring Bloom of North Atlantic, Polar Ocean Productivity).


Ocean Planet: A User's Guide part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Courses
This is a new class that is currently proposed to meet General Education reguirements in "Natural Science" for all University of Oregon undergraduates. It is intended to develop science literacy and to provide an introduction to marine biology and marine policy. Two specific goals are 1) for students to be able to identify and describe the biology of common marine organisms visible to visitors ot the OReogn coast and 2) analyze policy problems in marine science to identify the elements that can benefit from science and the elements that require approaches from social science and politics.

Events and Communities

Oceanography Workshop 2013