Ethan Samuel

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Debating Three Different Areas of Sustainability: the Environmental, Social and Economic Dimensions of the Triple Bottom Line part of SISL:Activities
In this activity, students will choose a topic relating to the triple bottom line, which has to do with environmental, social and economic issues. The students as a whole will choose a topic of debate having to do with the triple bottom line of sustainability: healthier ecosystems, social systems and economies. The class then splits up into two groups. The purpose of this activity is for the students to then have a group debate, one side for a topic and one side against the topic. Each group will try to sway the opposing side to their point of view. If one side does not win the debate, then the students will have to come to a compromise and find a solution acceptable to both sides. After the acceptable solution is identified, students should write a letter to the mayor, or a governmental figure of their choice on how they came to an agreement and how this could be achieved by our government today.