Kevin Saari

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Activities (2)

Finding the Personal Voice of Sustainability part of SISL:Activities
This is an acting exercise that could be used with theater students, or any course in which the instructor wishes the students to explore a more personal connection to sustainability and environmental concerns. The students will take an article, or excerpt of an article, and rewrite it into a 1st-person monologue which they will perform (either from the written text or memorized). The students and instructors can discuss the reactions of the students to the material and what they have learned from exploring the material from the inside.

Using Art to Teach Environmental Responsibility part of SISL:Activities
In this activity, students will use art to consider the effects of industrial culture on the environment and envision how to create a more positive and sustainable future. The students will create art works based on images of environmental damage. The student will create a "before" image and an "after" image. The students will use these images to address the social and economic basis for environmental harms, as well as how to reclaim damaged areas and live in a more ecologically sustainable manner.