Stephen Schellenberg

Geological Sciences

San Diego State University

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


Isostasy and Global Elevation Patterns part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Activities
This investigation explores the basic process of isostasy and its explanatory power for the observed bimodal distribution for global elevations. In Part A, the densities of representative rock samples of granite and basalt are determined experimentally and compared to typical crustal values. In Part B, the concept of isostasy is examined through a continent-to-ocean transect by determining if the hydrostatic pressure at a common asthenosphere depth is approximately equal under four different "columns" of overlying material. In Part C, a dynamic web-based isostasy model is used to predict elevations for lithospheric columns of different crustal thickness and density. In Part D, the bimodal distribution of global elevations is explicitly explored and connected to the fundamental components of isostasy as explored in Parts A, B, and C.


OCEAN320 Oceans of Change part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Courses
Upper-division General Education course exploring scientific, socioeconomic, and geopolitical perspectives on human impacts upon global ocean system, including global ocean warming and acidification, regional fisheries depletion, and local coastal issues.

Events and Communities

Oceanography Workshop 2013