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The course journal is designed to help students be reflective about what they are learning in the course and to connect course material to their everyday lives. Students are encouraged to use the journal to develop ideas for using earth sciences in their future classrooms. Learn more about the course for which this activity was developed.


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An introduction to the study of the Earth using a systems approach. The focus will be on the subsystems (geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere) and the dynamic interactions between them. The approach will be to develop an understanding of the balance that exists in the global environment as a result of the interactions between the systems. The course begins with a study of the Earth relative to the rest of the solar system, continues to a study of the various Earth systems and processes (plate tectonics, earthquakes, weather, oceans, etc.), and end with a study of global climate change. For Dr. Fox's reflections on the course and its design, see Earth System Science: Role in the Program.

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Group Members, Course Names 1. Lydia K. Fox, Earth System Science 2. Scott Linneman, Investigating the Flow of Matter and Energy in Earth Systems 3. Matt Nyman, Physical Science 4. Rebecca L. Dodge, Life and Earth ...

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