Jodi Schwarz


Vassar College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects

Other Contribution

Modeling Molecular Evolution part of Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges:Genomics Instructional Units Minicollection
Biology and Computer Science majors collaborated to design and implement algorithms to model a genomic-level process: the evolution of protein-coding genes. Students had to combine their respective expertise in biology and computer science in order to successfully model this process. We used a pedagogical approach that starts with a biological question that requires a computational approach to solve. The instructors provided students with partial "starter code" that implemented part of the algorithm. Students refined and elaborated/simplified the code to more accurately model the process. They compared their output to empirical data (an alignment of HSP70 protein sequences) to determine which most closely matched their model.

Events and Communities

Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges Workshop 2008 Participants: Leader

Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges Workshop 2009 Participants: Leader