Cindy Lampe


Ventura College

Materials Contributed through SERC-hosted Projects


CCD & Calcareous Ooze Assignment part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Activities
The assignment pre-tests student understanding of the CCD, lysocline, calcareous ooze, and the deposition of marine sediments near mid-ocean ridges and ocean basins.


Introduction to Oceanography part of Cutting Edge:Oceanography:Courses
Oceanography is a broad interdisciplinary field that focuses on the processes and interrelationships of geology, chemistry, geography, geophysics, meteorology, and biology. Topics include: a history of oceanographic research, the role of tectonic plates in oceans, features of the seafloor, the chemistry of seawater, movement of ocean waters, coastal environments, atmospheric/oceanic interactions and marine biology.

Events and Communities

Oceanography Workshop 2013