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Ripon College

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For this assignment, students will be applying insights they have gained from reading and discussing a series of essays on topics surrounding environmental justice that are found in Environmental Ethics, 6th ed. by Louis P. Pojman and Paul Pojman (Wadsworth, 2012). Students will not only be able to demonstrate their understanding of the issues surrounding environmental justice, but they will also explore ways to share these insights in somewhat realistic contexts where the principles might be "applied" in a meaningful setting. While this particular activity is based on a specific text, it could easily be adapted to many different readings related to the topic of environmental justice.


A Philosophy for Teaching and Living in a Just Environment part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Essays
Paul Jeffries, Philosophy Department/Environmental Studies Program, Ripon College, March 2013 My approach to teaching about environmental justice is, in large part, affected by the context in which I teach. Ripon ...

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