April Baptiste

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Environmental Studies
Colgate University

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Exploring the environmental injustice of climate change: An international debate teaching exercise part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Activities
In this debate students will do research on an assigned country to understand the impacts of climate change on the country, the current climate change policies that have been adopted by the assigned country and overall view of the country's obligation by the international community to addressing climate change. Each student will then have use environmental justice and climate justice principles to develop an argument to support the assigned country's position on climate change.


Environmental Justice part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Courses
This course evaluates the beginnings of environmental justice as a concept and examines its development into an emerging field. Students will learn to critically analyze examples of environmental justice cases, develop an understanding of the complex relationships among actors, and understand the social, political, and economic processes that lead to environmental injustices.


Environmental Justice: making students comfortable about the uncomfortable part of Integrate:Workshops:Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches:Essays
April Baptiste, , Colgate University I was first exposed to the concept of social justice as a teaching assistant during graduate school. This course exposed me to concepts of social justice and its relation to ...

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