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Air and Water Quality Optimization Related to Open Pit Mining part of Integrate:Workshops:Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences:Activities
This is an activity idea rather than a fully fleshed out activity description. The author seeks input from participants at the 2013 Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences workshop to develop this idea into a full activity.I am adding a single lecture on the legislative framework for industrial air and water pollution control, which I intend to follow with a module on air and water pollution issues related to mining. Specifically, I have in mind to develop an activity potentially based on an analysis of the large open pit copper mine just southwest of Salt Lake City operated by Rio Tinto (often referred to as the Kennecott or Bingham Canyon mine). This mine is among the world's largest copper mines, providing valuable resources to the US economy, producing about 15% of US demand for copper, as well as significant gold, silver and molybdenum. The Rio Tinto mine is particularly relevant to the class, as it is very close to the Univ. of Utah and Salt Lake City, and is easily visible on most days from campus or downtown.


Materials and the Environment part of Integrate:Workshops:Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences:Essays
Mark Koopman, Metallurgy, University of Utah I must confess at the outset that these are not the words of an experienced and wizened professor of engineering and the geosciences, but rather the observations of an ...

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